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Death Consciousness and the Prescription Drug Epidemic

In “Landslide” Program Forty-One, Bonfire opens with a song-poem; updates with late-breaking Sanctuary news; and then luxuriates in a sparkly conversation with Kristi, covering such worthy topics as death, consciousness, and the prescription drug epidemic as a crime against consciousness: “keep ‘em drugged… keep ‘em...

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Exxon Loses Billions?

Exxon Loses Billions? Hosts of World Call In Jeff Beller, Dennis Karious, and Chuck Manning discuss the latest news and takes an in-depth look at the billions in loses Exxon is claiming in their latest prospectus. That’s right Exxon Mobile loses billions (so they claim)...

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Naturopath Dr. Katka

This week, Jeff is rejoined by Dr. Katka, a naturopath who’s going to talk about natural remedies for mental and emotional disorders. So if you know someone who’s suffering from those maladies, join Jeff and Dr. Katka. Also, if you don’t know someone who’s unbalanced,...