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Getting Dirty

This week’s special Wednesday Night edition Kim and Chad after a rocky stary read fan mail, and talk about sex and the lack of sex in Canada. Or at least the lack of sex in Canada. Listen live to The Hot Girl and “That Guy”...

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Dr. Strangelove Now 50 Years Old

In “Landslide” Program Thirty-Seven, Bonfire offers a Spring-at-the-Sanctuary litany; argues against kids buying clothes that advertise for the clothing manufacturer; considers the oxymoron “civil war”; reads from a US Civil War journal; implores us all to stop-fighting! just-STOP-IT!; and urges us to revisit Kubrick’s “Dr....

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Family First Paranormal

Host Mike Redding opens the show by discussing the YouTube challenge he has given himself to capture evidence in his home for 30 straight days. Later in the show Mike welcome members of Family First Paranormal to discuss the uniqueness of their team and family....

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Excessive Police Violence

Host Super Dave discusses the rash of excessive police violence being perpetrated including the situation is Albuquerque with the homeless man and the more recent tasering of a 19 year old who was legally shouldering a rifle. Listen to The Super Dave Show live weekdays...

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Hospital Deaths

Host Jeff Bushman takes an in-depth look at the horrifying study out that shows the actual number of people who die of infections while at hospitals in the U.S. Plus all your Jeff Bushman favorites including This Week in History. Listen to The Jeff Bushman...