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Columbus ghost hunters has a combined nineteen plus years in the paranormal field. We are a dedicated group of  individuals with the primary mission to find the truth in any situation that is deemed paranormal. Because there are so many different areas of the field, we pride ourselves in the fact that we come from many different interests and backgrounds making us diverse.

Robert Cornell Founder of Columbus Ghost Hunters age 35 Born in Columbus Ohio and raised in a little town called Marengo, has always had a fascination with the Unexplained he may be a skeptic in most instances , does believe in the possibility of the other side.

Tyler Bocook age 16 co-founder for many years has had unexplained things happen to him and because of this it has created a drive to find the truth in the Paranormal.

Mike Redding age 35 co-founder Mike has taken this field by storm There is no where he wont go he has a restlessness that wont end until he can prove that spirits exists.

Kenny Redding Investigator fairly new to the group 6 months into the field and has found it refreshing loves the paranormal and will never stop.

Allen Barnhill (pacman) equipment tech are newest member loves everything about it but is a skeptic and will find the false in most things.


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