Exis10tial Radio


“exis10tial”: 1) an adjective pertaining to what exists, and is thus known by experience rather than reason.  Pertaining to a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently absurd world. 2) the name of the most righteous radio station on planet Earth.

exis10tial radio will consist of a collection of thought surrounding current news, culture, government, finance, geopolitics and lifestyle. Our goal is to engage, inspire and in doing so, enrich and enlighten.

exis10tial radio was created on the premise that within the framework of available media outlets, there exists a need to provide an unfiltered perspective. A lens through which we can analyze our culture, government and politics completely free of corporate dogma and ideological propaganda. There is a growing mass of people that are waking up to these ideas, and we created this platform with them in mind. They reject mainstream media and their constant lies and distortion. They support liberty, freedom, and individuality. Quite simply, our listeners are demanding “Maximum Freedom, Minimum Government”. We hope to provide the forum that promotes that ethos. Join as we educate others, while further educating ourselves.


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