Go Smokeless

Don’t quit, just quit killing yourself!

In January 2011 I switched to electronic cigarettes after my mother was hospitalized. See she has been a smoker for more than 50 years and I was working my way to 30 years. With a four year old daughter I knew I had to do something or I would never see her graduate college. It’s been over a year now and I can’t remember ever feeling this good. It was a chore just to mow the lawn. I breath easier, sleep better, and actually enjoy vaping. That’s why I decided to offer this to our listeners.

Electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking due to the fact you are not inhaling the thousands of carcinogens contained in tobacco products. You inhale a water vapor that contains nicotine. No smelly smoke, no tar stained teeth, no burning the furniture, and you can use your electronic cigarette in most places that ban cigarette smoking.

How they work.

Most electronic cigarettes work with three parts. A battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge. The battery provides the power to the atomizer that warms the eliquid in the cartridge. Pretty simple right? It truly is. You may even trade the atomizer and cartridge for a cartomizer that is actually both pieces in one. Since the atomizer is usually the first part to wear out on your electronic cigarette many people find that cartomizers are a better alternative.

Don’t believe everything you hear.

Your friends or family members may have tried electronic cigarettes in the past. They may have told you that they are junk and do not work. In some cases they are right. Many units out there offer you free this or free that only to over charge you for the refills that you must purchase from them. I don’t even offer refills. I will email you several links to places on the web where you can find great e-liquids and prices.

I took the work out of it.

When I started vaping I had no idea what I was looking for or what to buy. I researched the products and read the reviews. Then I did what most guys do. I bought the expensive starter kit with all the bells and whistles. Big mistake. For half of what I spent the first month, I could have vaped for a year. So what I have done is found the highest quality vaping equipment that contain standard parts for easy and less expensive replacement.

How much money will you save?

 Here is the simple math. I was a two+ pack a day smoker. If I paid $4.00 per pack that’s $56.00 per week conservatively. I use $8.00 of e-liquid per week. My expensive starter kit paid for itself after three months. Now let’s look at the second month. You will likely spend $20.00 on e-liquid for the entire month! Smoking was costing me almost $300.00. What can you do with an extra $200.00 a month?

Here is the pitch.

I want to help you pay for your starter kit in the first month! I have made it so simple that you only need to choose the style and color that fits you. Since you are a listener of Going Beyond Radio I will even give you more than 20% off of our regular price on either unit. We will also include a 50ml bottle of e-liquid (a $25.00 value) that will keep you vaping for weeks. Both units retail at $129.00 but for Going Beyond Radio listeners the price is only $99.00. Remember we are also including a $25.00 bottle of e-liquid to refill your e-cig . All of this will save you hundreds of dollars over smoking in your first month alone! No one was offering me that when I started vaping.

Learning from my mistakes.

So learn from my mistakes and take advantage of this offer. I am so convinced you will love the products I will refund your money if you are not satisfied after 30 days*. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. You won’t regret it and neither will the loved ones counting on you to be around.


All day vaping.

For those who want their equipment to last all day without the need for charging I have the MEGA. The MEGA has two 1000 mAh batteries for nearly 18 hours of typical use before needing to be charged (Includes: (1) 50ml bottle of e-liquid.) Only $99.00 plus shipping and handling.

Flavor and Strength



More like a cigarette.

Perhaps you prefer something that looks and feels more like a real cigarette. For you we have the S’Moore 602CS with a personal charging case. This unit looks and feels like a real cigarette and includes a case that resembles a cigarette pack that doubles as a charger for back up batteries (Includes: (1) 50ml bottle of e-liquid). Only $99.00 plus shipping and handling.

Filter Style
Flavor and Strength



*If you are not completely satisfied with either go smokeless units simply send the unit back within 30 days with all it’s original packaging and the unopened bottle of e-liquid for a full refund (minus shipping and handling charges and $25.00 for opened bottles of e-liquid). If you have any questions about returning your unit please feel free to contact us at [email protected]