H-Town Paranormal EVP Evidence


Prove It! Live hosts Don Ford and Chuck Manning welcome H-Town Paranormal founder Stevo Pruitt to the program. Stevo has submitted 4 interesting EVP’s collected by his team in different locations throughout the greater Cincinnati area. H-Town is actually Harrison Ohio located a stones throw from the Indiana border in Southwest Ohio.

H-Town Paranormal was founded June 25th, 2009 by Stevo Pruitt and Phil Ventura. After the team took a break for a short period of time they have recently decided start investigating once again.

Prove It! Live airs live on Thursday nights at 9pm eastern.

You can listen to the recording of the live show below.



EVP’s submitted for the program by H-Town Paranormal.

S  (Sounds as though a voice is saying ‘S’.)

die  (Interesting EVP)

My names Jimmy

What’s Messin With Ya Bra


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