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Bishop Jerry Williams is Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio.Jerry Went through School Of Ministry at NLMC in Columbus OH and Graduated and was Ordained by God in 1996 to New Life Ministry Church in Cincinnati Ohio.

In 2001 a Family of Jerry’s Church asked if he could come and Bless their home as that felt their was something bad in the home. When Jerry Arrived He began the blessing and found that what they had was Demonic activity. For Jerry the fight against the Demons began.

Jerry exorcised the Demonic Entity from their home and in the fall of 2001 Jerry went to a Demonology school set up by the  Church. The school was in Detroit MI and they school didn’t really recognize the Practice at this time but they were the first class. Jerry Graduated in 2008 as a Demonologist of NLMC and LMNS.

Jerry Started his Radio show on Blog talk Radio in 2006 where he began talking about Conspiracies as Jerry loves to talk about what is hidden to the World by the NWO. Jerry Even held a Radio show job when he was 18 yrs of age as a Local DJ on Q102, 94.1 and 107.1  in Cincinnati.

Jerry in 2009 became a family member of Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State. Jerry has worked with many different team members including his locals Eastside Paranormal Society and Voyage into the Paranormal of Texas.Today Jerry is still Fighting Demons teaching those who really care about what can truly happen to them from long term Demonic Communication.
Bishop Jerry Williams can be heard on Going Beyond on Thur and Sat 11pm est and on Sirus Sat Radio on ParaX – see schedules.


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