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Hosts Don Ford (Founder of Voyage Into Paranormal Society) and Chuck Manning (Owner of Global Paranormal Network) welcome Billy Avery Co-Founder of Kentucky Ghost Project to their proving grounds. Billy submitted some amazing evidence his team has collected  in the brief time they have been together and quite frankly has put to shame evidence collected by many people who have been doing this for years. As always you be the judge as we invite you to Prove It!.

Listen to the recording of the live show below.



About KYGP

We are Kentucky Ghost Project. Kentucky Ghost Project was founded in 2012. We started our investigation group with the idea of visiting all of the haunted places in Kentucky. Our goal is to not prove that ghost exist or not. We simply strive to find evidence of the supernatural. We are here to help others that are having trouble with the paranormal. Personal experiences have brought us together to establish KYGP. KYGP is a member of International Ghost Hunters’ Society.

Kentucky Ghost Project is a small professional team that was put together to find evidence of the paranormal. We also were established to help, educated and validate claims from  individuals and businesses that are are having paranormal activity. Our group operates out of central Kentucky, but we also will travel to Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. We are not afraid to travel if a problem exists. We are always there when someone needs help. Kentucky Ghost Project is a non-profit organization and will never charge any money for investigations. Head on over to the Members’ page to discover more about our team.

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 Evidence submitted by Kentucky Ghost Project

Grunting Monkey(Audio)


His name is Rick(Audio)

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