Kozmic Kids – Author and Medical Intuitive Brent Atwater


Hosts Shelly and Laura Elizabeth welcome Author and Medical Intuitive Brent Atwater to the program. Brent shows her skills to callers and even the hosts!

Listen to the recording of the live show below.



About Brent Atwater

Ms. Atwater has the extraordinary gift to see inside a body to accurately diagnose health problems and future events. At age 5 Brent’s intuitive talents were discovered by Duke University’s Dr. J B Rhine in his initial study for ESP.

For decades Ms Atwater’s specialized medical intuitive diagnostic abilities have earned her the nickname of the “human MRI.” Brent’s work is a bridge between tradi

tional and integrative medicine by merging medicine and intuition.In 1987 Brent founded the Just Plain Love® Charitable Trust.After law school and the death of her fiancé, Brent refocused her career. Ms. Atwater has authored 10 Just Plain Love® Books with more to follow . Many titles are being translated into other languages.
Brent’s mission is to turn the negatives of disease into positives in order to ignite hope and healing within the hearts of her readers.Ms Atwater is also a pioneer in healing art medicine by scientifically documenting the healing energy, diagnostic abilities and healing benefits of her art for healthcare Paintings That Heal®

She is one of the contemporary American painters who are bringing forth a new cultural renaissance by blending her classical artistic training with spirituality and energy infused into her healing art.Brent Atwater’s Just Plain Love® Books, weekly ASK Brent radio shows, podcasts, blogs, inspiring audience participatory workshops (with awesome demonstrations), upbeat seminars, speaking tours, presentations and consultations bring about transformative and positive results.
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