‘On Air’ March 14th

Going Beyond Radio will be ‘on air’ at 10:00am eastern March 14, 2012. The channel will be available 24 hours a day and will play the latest archived live shows and will be playing archived programs of Prove It! Podcast and other paranormal programs during periods without live broadcasts. You will be able to tune into programs through the website www.goingbeyondradio.com, our facebook page Going Beyond Radio, or the websites of our hosts.

Going Beyond Radio provides fully produced alternative live and podcast entertainment services. If you have ever wanted to host your own radio program now is the time. If you have a microphone and headphones or a telephone you can host a show. Going Beyond Radio offers it’s hosts a 50%-50% revenue sharing program and the opportunity to host their shows from their own website or even their Facebook page or timeline.

If you have a podcast you know how much it can cost to host it somewhere. We offer the alternative podcaster free podcast hosting.

Visit our Host A Live Show page for more information on how you can be LIVE this week!

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