Paranormal Technology – Gerry Bicknaver Inventions – 05-18-2012

Chuck Manning and Don Ford welcome investigator and paranormal equipment inventor Gerry Bicknaver talks about the equipment he has created to help advance the paranormal community.

Listen to the recorded show below.


About Gerry:

I am the co founder of HEAT Paranormal, a paranormal investigation and resolution group located in Cincinnati, Oh.

H.E.A.T., or Human Entity Assistance Team, is a Cincinnati, Ohio based paranormal investigation team of experienced investigators specializing in exciting and new techniques to assist home owners, business owners, and/or property owners and entities that may be trapped or just have not gone home or to the other side. We use non invasive methods that bring calmness to the areas in question. HEAT uses state of the art equipment to investigate, document, and record interviews and conversations with clients and the entities that need help in getting home. HEAT never leaves a client hanging and works with the client and the entity to make the transition to a normal setting easy for everyone concerned. House Blessings are another service provided by HEAT. HEAT never charges for any service we provide.

I am also Tech Manager for IKOPS (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio Paranormal Society) IKOPS does the investigative part of our dual group approach (HEAT, and IKOPS). After the collected data and recordings are analyzed, HEAT comes in and resolves any issues between the client and entities, if found.

I co-founded Ohio Center For Paranormal Research (O.C.F.P.R.). in 2009 and now OCFPR is the technology development division of HEAT and IKOPS (This is where all of the customized equipment comes from)

I work as an engineering lab assistant at a local R&D facility. I have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical

Engineering Technology. I am an ordained minister, licensed in Ohio, and a licensed amateur radio operator who assists in county disaster response teams, a member of Hamilton County Public Health Amateur Radio Group and Tristate Medical Reserve Corp(non medical volunteer) . I’ve been investigating the paranormal and ghost hunting for over ten years. I’ve always been interested the paranormal since I was young, and in why hauntings occur. I’ve designed and built some of my own equipment for investigating, documenting paranormal activity and testing hypotheses related to paranormal activity. And when time and weather permits, I go fishing all over the tri-state area.

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