Top 5 Scariest Haunts in America


Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…The POD of The Dead kicks off it’s first 2 hour episode tonight!!! Tune in to your favorite undead radio program packed with so much sweet goodness it will give you a toothache! Lot’s on tap tonight including: Bizarre News with LC Macabre, The Top 5 Scariest Haunts in America, Storytime with Minion, The Steampunk Saloon with special guest Eric Jon Larson, Cinema Rewind, The Undead Comic, a special guest appearance by King Maximus and Queen Ophelia from The Majestic Kingdom of Avalon, a monster giveaway with a surprise in studio guest, a discussion on possession/horror films, a trip down Memory Lane music by Escapetheclouds, Baron Misuraca, Langers Ball, Steam Ku Veronique Chevalier, Freak of the Day, Gool Gaulsner, Psyche Corporation, Jolly and so much more. Don’t miss this show!!!

Listen and chat live Friday nights at 11pm eastern.



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