Prove It! Live – EVP’s From Columbus Ghost Hunters

The guys welcome Columbus Ghosts Hunters co founders Mike Redding and Robert Cornell as they place three of their EVP’s in the proving grounds. Prove It! Live takes your best paranormal evidence and places it in our proving grounds to allow the listeners to prove it. Join us live Thursdays at 9pm eastern and help us Prove It! Live. If you would like to be featured on our show simply submit your best paranormal evidence to us at [email protected]

About Columbus Ghost Hunters

The Founders of CGH., has been in the Paranormal Field for over 19 years. They carry that knowledge with them, and spread it throughout the team, as well as the community.

We understand that you are a person and not just another case to be dealt with. We handle every person who comes to us looking for help with great care, and great respect. We take every request to heart, and will do exactly as you wish during our investigations. All of the services we offer are 100% FREE of charge to everyone!

A famous quote “It’s not about finding ghosts, it’s about helping people.” And we could not agree more! Yes, we would like to prove that ghosts do exist, however, our very first goal is to help those who really need it, and to help those experiencing anything unexplainable understand what is going on around them.

Visit for more information.

If you have evidence you would like to submit and be a guest on our show email it to us at [email protected]

EVP #1

EVP #2

EVP #3

Listen to the recording of the live show below.




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