Prove It! Live – LA UFO Circus – 05-24-2012

Chuck Manning and Don Ford take your best paranormal evidence and place it in their proving grounds to let their audience prove it. Join the show live every Thursday night at 9:00pm eastern and prove it yourself. This week the guys invite you to help them prove the May 19th UFO circus created in part by Youtuber thirdphaseofmoon in L.A. Even with all the hype prior to the event the evidence the group managed to gather was as lame as 90% of all evidence collected in UFO cases. You would think these people would have brought camera equipment capable of irrefutable evidence.

The second topic is always Paranormal 101 and on this episode the guys will talk about ethics when reviewing and submitting evidence.

The third topic should be fun and as always will be chosen as the show starts.

Listen to a recording of the live show below:


Here is the video posted by thirdphaseofmoon from the circus.


This is the description from the Youtube channel:

Amazing Footage Golden Orbs Hovers Over L.A. on May 19 2012 Robert Bingham and Thirdphaseofmoon invited the public to witness UFOs and History was Made! For all the Debunkers who say its Balloons, you film balloons and see if it looks like this! Good Luck…

Well unfortunately the burden of proof is on you thirdphaseofmoon and if you think this video did it you are as lame as this video.

If you have evidence you would like to offer up on Prove It! Live send it to us at [email protected]


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