Prove It! Live –’s Extortion to Advance Their Agenda

Hosts Don Ford, founder of Voyage Into Paranormal Society, and owner of the Global Paranormal Network Chuck Manning continue to look deeper into the hypocrisy of and it’s creator Christopher “Topher” M. Young, founder of PSIRO (Paranormal Study and Investigative Research Organization).

Last week the guys interviewed members from the Triad Mediums and Paranormal Search Team from Phoenix, Arizona who explained that much of the information provided on the Worst Paranormal website was incorrect and the remainder was their own opinion solely based  in their ideological opinion cloaked as fact.

This week, in the second hour, the guys will be doing a simulcast with UFO Paranormal Radio Network and Second Sight NYC talk show hosts Psychic Chris George and Second Sight Paranormal investigator Stephanie Bennetti about Not only do they have an opinion about the site, they happen to be listed on it! You can catch their show on Thursdays from 8pm to 10pm eastern at

Don Ford and Chuck Manning take your best paranormal evidence and place it in their proving grounds every Thursday night at 9pm eastern to allow their audience to Prove It!

If you have evidence you would like to place in our proving grounds please send the evidence to or contact us at [email protected]

Below is the recording of the live show that aired originally at 9pm eastern Thursday.


About Second Sight NYC

Christopher George (Scherillo)

I am a Psychic Medium that uses a straight forward approach. You will often hear me say “don’t ask me a question, that you really don’t want the answer to”.  I’m extremely approachable and often referred to as the “guy next door” type.  Clients feel ‘at ease’ when speaking with me. Although Psychic Readings are most common, I am not limited to them.  I Channel, perform Channeled Healing, Seances, Aura Readings, Space Clearings, Exorcisms and Candle Magic. I also host Psychic and Healing Retreats.  In addition, I’m the lead psychic investigator for my team, Second Sight Paranormal. I’m the co-host of Blog Talk Radio Show – Second Sight NYC. I’ve been the featured guest on many TV and Radio shows including the Maury Povich Show and Joyce Keller Radio Show.

Stephanie Bennetti

I am the Second Sight NYC Radio Show’s co-host. Technical Director,  Paranormal Investigator, the Lead Photographer, conducts all evidence analysis -  including EMF readings, EVP analysis, film and photos and the Web Site designer.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    George and Bennetti are two of the worst ones in this field. For them to be listed on that site and have an opinion is funny at the very least. Now, I’m no fan of they are a bunch of clowns doing nothing but hollering “prove it”. I’d suggest THEY prove these claims are illegitmate.

    Now as for Second Sight NYC, THAT team CHARGES for services, and they claim to have done over 50 demonic possession cases. I know real Catholic Priests (2 of them) that are Vatican trained exorcists that haven’t seen three demonic cases. These priests haven’t seen five legitimate cases between them in 20 years of service.

    I tried to talk to those two and it boiled down to their threats, comments and slander towards me. So, before you get on the Second Sight NYC bandwagon, might want to check into these frauds.

    • Chuck says:

      I don’t think we were picking a side. The fact is that I believe is a ploy to extort membership in the PSIRO organization. The fact Second Sight NYC is on the website is the reason they were on our program. According to them they do not charge for investigation related services but for metaphysical related services.

      Catholicism is not the only religion that casts demons from people who may be possessed. Nor do they hold explicit power to do so. According to the Bible those who believe in the Lord may cast out demons in Jesus name. That makes all Christians exorcists really.

      Lastly, it is not my responsibility nor the job of Prove It! Live to determine if teams, organizations, or individuals are frauds. Our responsibility is to bring up the discussion and allow people to make up their own minds based on the information provided in the program and from it’s guests. Since declined the offer to be on the show our listeners heard from the other side in this program. It is unfortunate but Mr. Young had the opportunity to offer his point of view.

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