Prove It! Live


Thursday 9 to 11 pm eastern

Prove It! Live takes your best paranormal evidence and places it our proving grounds to allow our audience to prove it. The show also covers Paranormal 101 topics as well as a third topic that is way off topic!!

Email your evidence to [email protected] and you can be a guest on our show!

Prove It! Live started a in 2010 as Prove It Podcast. Hosted by Voyage Into Paranormal Society Founder and 40 year paranormal investigator Don Ford and Global Paranormal Network Founder Chuck Manning to shed light on how team collected and reviewed evidence. The hope was to show teams alternatives ways of investigating and possibly improving the collection and review methods.

Don Ford

My name is Don Ford I am the Founder of (VIPS) Voyage Into Paranormal Society, founded January of 1997, although I have been studying the paranormal since I was 15 yrs of age. The existence has eluded the grasp of my reality and as my voyage continued deeper into research and investigating the phenomena that are out there it became apparent that in order to do a proper investigation I would need help. I believe in displaying a very professional image, with honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our organization. The team consist of innovated people from all walks of life and various disciplines, skeptics included .This is so we draw a honest conclusions and without fabrications I take pride in who we are and what we do and the safeguard of our reputation in the paranormal anomalous field above all else.

Voyage Into Paranormal Society


Chuck Manning

Owner of the Global Paranormal Network of websites dedicated to supporting the paranormal community and the public. The websites offer news and opinion, 24 hour anonymous support, entertainment, and collaboration. Chuck is also the producer of all programming here at Going Beyond Radio and is the Director for Voyage Into Paranormal Society of Ohio a division of Don’s Texas team.

The Global Paranormal Network

Global Paranormal – News and opinion.

Haunted Like Me – 24 hour anonymous support.

Going Beyond Radio – Alternative live and podcast entertainment.

American Paranormal Association – Collaboration

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