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New 9/11 Evidence Brings on Conscious Breathing

In “Landslide” Program Twenty-Six, Bonfire revisits 9/11 with new evidence of withheld Saudi involvement. She razzes Harvard Medical School – which is only-here-to-help; swoons… as an eagle passes forty feet overhead; proposes a new dress code; thanks old activists for their courage in 1971; and...

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Angel and Nicole Ortiz EVP Evidence

Prove It! Live hosts Don Ford and Chuck Manning welcome Angel and Nicole Ortiz the co-founders of Connecticut Soul Seekers to their program. Angel and Nicole also host Our Haunted Lives radio program on BlogTalkRadio.com. The pair sent us EVP evidence and explain how and...

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Paranormal Photo: Your Thoughts?

Ghost Joes Para Talk premieres their program tonight with hot paranormal topics, news and evidence review. Tonight host Jason Wyeth offers up a photograph he wants your opinion on. Listen live Monday’s at 8 PM ET. Listen to the podcast below.  

The Scifake.com Boondoggle 2

The Scifake.com Boondoggle

Scifake.com – Irrelevant, much like their content. As some of you know that rag site Scifake.com did a lame story about The Illinois Ghost Society inferring the team were a bunch “idiots” for posting pics on their site that were “fake” and by doing this...

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Prove It! Episode One

We have already started to hear the whispers about Prove It! being a program that throws teams and their evidence under the bus. It just isn’t the case as you will hear. Prove It! takes evidence from teams and places it in the hands of...