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Home Paranormal Investigations

On this show we invited our dear friend and fellow paranormal investigator Nicole Strickland, from San Diego Paranormal Research Society, to join us in a discussion about how to handle home investigations.  How to deal with scary situations when the client is around, do you...

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The Hot Girl is Back!  Bright-Eyed and bushy-tailed from a week of Ghost Hunting greatness and comes back to THIS.  “That Guy”, who has not had a particularly good week, proceeds to guzzle wine and quickly spiral out of control. In addition to being a...

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Paranormal Ireland and New Zealand

Hosts Demonologist Jerry Williams and paranormal investigator Julie Schneider welcome paranormal investigators from Ireland Michael Benson and Gavin Canavan and from New Zealand  James Gilberd to their first program. Listen live Saturdays 11:00 PM ET at www.globalparanormal.com/radio/ Gavin Canavan Thirty two years ago he was...

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Paranormal Creatures

Host Demonologist Jerry Williams is playing ghost hunter tonight at Poasttown Elementary School and faxed in a great fill in show about those pesky paranormal creatures by sharing interviews with people who hunt them and believe they have found some. Listen live to Jerry Williams...

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Children in the Paranormal

Zak, Nick and Aaron can make ghost hunting look awesome and cool to 9-year-old boys (and I will admit…me too!)  But does that “reality show” demonstrate the possible dangers of ghost hunting?  Should kids be mini-ghost hunters, conducting EVP sessions alone in their own bedroom? ...