The Boondoggle – Irrelevant, much like their content.

As some of you know that rag site did a lame story about The Illinois Ghost Society inferring the team were a bunch “idiots” for posting pics on their site that were “fake” and by doing this I guess they were suggesting that TIGS was not a reputable team. I have to assume most of this because the article was so poorly written that any reader would have to assume that the author was using the na na na na boo boo policy of journalism. You know the one that goes something like…Because I said so.

The article not only did not explain why they dubbed the photos fake, it actually told the reader to go prove it yourself, by offering a link to a how-to video on photoshop. (I told you it was a lame article written by an even more lame author.) What ensued was nothing more then a display of sheer admittance of ignorance and lack of actual fact finding.

More than a hundred comments (after I posted the fact that I felt
the author was lazy) were completely off topic and not one of the addressed my original point. They even included posts about people who were commenting on a discussion I started on my site about the situation. How lame can a site be to attack people on their site who were commenting here on this site? Ask Ron Tebo the owner of He not only participated, but allowed several hundred comments to be posted that broke his own commenting policy.

So since that rag and it’s lame authors seem to lack the ability to report I decided I would offer the pics to one of the members of Global Paranormal. Amy was gracious enough to take up the task. Below is what Amy (this is her first attempt at analyzing evidence) concluded.



picture #1- gostinformalwear.jpg- Didn’t have to do much to this picture lol. They did a horrible job w/ these two ‘formal wear’ ghosts in the glass door b/c you can clearly see the picture frame from the original picture they “photoshopped” in.
Brightness: 87
Exposure: 100

picture #2- ghost.jpg- This one I didn’t even have to lighten. I actually darkened it a bit because you can see the picture frame and even the shimmer from the original pic.
Exposure: 100
Brightness: -100

picture #3- ghost-in-road.jpg- This one was a bit tricky b/c they used the bright color of the road to mask the edges. BUT with a little tweaking, you can clearly see the edges of the original pic on the left side especially.
Exposure: -68

picture #4- dsc01563.jpg- This one was hard because of all the shadows from the natural terrain and objects. I could see a billion things that looked wrong, but couldn’t put my finger on how to explain it. The only absolutely clear part I could find to prove it is fake is on the left side right under the flowers in the background and next to the tombstone this ‘ghost’ is floating by, you can see the edge of the original pic. That’s why I played with the colors so much because it shows it more clearly.
Exposure: 100
Temperature: -69.9
Tint: -100
Blur: -40.8

picture #5- beverlyunitarianchurch1.jpg- This one was clever. They used the chaos of the foliage in the background to try and mask the edges of the original pic. I couldn’t put my finger on why the foliage looked funny around her. Once I cropped and enlarged the picture, you can see the blur all the way around the woman, especially behind her, where they tried to mask the original pic. Also, right next to her knee, you can see the line of the edge of the original pic.
Exposure: -13.6
B/W Levels: 0%-68%

I would personally like to thank Amy for her work on this project. For a first timer my hat is off to you. TIGS official statement was that the photos were given to them by a site visitor and were posted for public review and were never analyzed by them. A fact obviously missing from the Scifake hack job.

Now I guess we can say that the photos in Amy’s opinion are fake. We can also say for the 30 minutes it took, you think the original author would have offered something like this. Perhaps he/she should have watched the how-to video posted in their story. Keep up the crappy work you are becoming more irrelevant everyday.

Chuck Manning


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  1. sandralynnsparks says:

    Sorry to see that you guys have been going through aggravations with Scifake. You might be interested in reading this link
    which details more problems caused by Scifake people. The word needs to spread so no one takes these people (I use the term loosely) seriously anymore.

    • Site Admin says:

      Hello Sandra,

      Yes that is an interesting site. I am continually monitoring since the situation with Ms. Maitland. I intend to make Ron Tebo accountable for the trash he posts on his site. He came very close to breaking the law in that case and it is just a matter of time before his ego writes a check the law will want to cash. I intend to be part of that trip to the bank.

      Thanks for the comment and the link!!

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