We Must Be Doing Something Right

When the lower quality networks are talking about you….you must be doing something right.

Here is why they are talking about us..

  • Higher quality live and recorded programs provide a much better listener experience.
  • All programs are fully produced by us allowing you to focus on your listeners.
  • 50% revenue sharing is well above their 7% to 17%.
  • Your show should be yours so we make it affordable for you to host it live on your own website. The “other” network charges $250 per month for this service.
  • Customized player that can be embedded anywhere.
  • Many more platforms to get listeners to your program.

In appreciation for all the chatter on the “other” network about us, we are offering hosts an opportunity to move their show to GBR for only $99.00.

Since your listeners are yours we provide a custom live stream player that embeds on your website and we will supply you with a chat room you can embed that will combine any listeners from the GBR website to the same chat. No matter what website they are listening from they are all in the same chat room.

Don’t have a website? No problem! We will create a custom page for your live show at no additional cost during this promotion.

Your first month of programs are completely free! That’s right we said free! You can thank the “other” network for that.

Simply give us a call at 513-488-1280 daily between 10am and 4pm eastern time and find out how easy it is to host a higher quality program that is truly yours!

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